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BJJ body triangle escapes with Gordon Ryan: A guide for beginners

If you are a novice in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and looking to solidify your defensive skills, we’ve got something incredibly insightful for you. We’re exploring an enlightening discussion with BJJ superstars Gordon Ryan and Bernardo Faria as they delve into the crucial topic of escaping from the BJJ body triangle.

This discussion doesn’t just aim to equip you with escape strategies, but it is also designed to instil the confidence required to effectively turn defensive positions into opportunities for launching counter-attacks.

Ryan emphasizes developing an aggressive attack style and honing solid defensive postures. The key is not to fear being in a vulnerable position but to learn how to escape it efficiently, enabling you to transition swiftly from a defensive to an offensive cycle.

In the video below, Ryan elucidates how to escape from different positions. He categorized these into over-hook and under-hook sides, depending on whether the attacker uses traditional hooks or a body triangle.

The escape methods also vary according to where the attacker’s legs are locked – the top or bottom sides. Importantly, these escape strategies are systematized around the attacker’s upper and lower body positions, giving you a versatile arsenal of escape tactics.

The conversation then pivots towards the escape from the most basic situation – when the attacker has an over-hook and a top-side triangle. The primary hand is indispensable, protecting against the opponent’s strangulation attempts.

Ryan accentuates the need for a robust defensive hand position to stop the opponent’s strangle attempt, giving you time and freedom to use your secondary hand.

A common mistake beginners tend to make is trying to unlock the body triangle without proper assistance. This often leads to failed attempts and leaves them vulnerable to counter-attacks. Ryan introduces the concept of hand-assist methods to overcome this problem.

In this method, the secondary hand aids in unlocking the opponent’s triangle while the primary hand stays in place, keeping you safe from strangulation.

An important note made by Ryan is the need to prioritize the maintenance of the primary hand’s grip. If this grip is separated during the defence, one must immediately stop any other action to replace the primary hand to its secure position.

The key takeaway from Ryan’s discussion is that an effective BJJ strategy lies in maintaining space for escape. By mastering these escape techniques, beginners can not only enhance their defensive skills. Still, they can also enhance their confidence on the mat, helping them stay composed even when caught in tricky positions.

Stay tuned for the full video, where Gordon Ryan and Bernardo Faria share more insight into the BJJ body triangle escapes realm. Remember, mastering the art of escape is the first step towards becoming an unbeatable contender in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.