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How to tie your BJJ belt - A comprehensive guide

Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a journey of physical skill, mental prowess, and symbolic rituals. One such ritual is correctly tying your BJJ belt before every class or competition. A seemingly simple task holds immense significance, as the belt represents your rank, progress, and commitment to the art. This blog post will guide you through adequately tying your BJJ belt. Let’s dive in!

how to tie a bjj belt for first time beginner

Step One: The Initial Wrap

Hold your Gi lapels – the flaps of your Gi jacket – in each hand. The right lapel should be folded under the left one. This simple move symbolises the unity of two forces – you and your BJJ journey.

Step Two: Wrapping Your Belt

Next, wrap your BJJ belt around your waist, ensuring it’s even on both sides. This action signifies the wrapping of knowledge around your core. When you’re done, both ends of the belt should be in front of you and centred, representing the balance in BJJ.

Step Three: The First Loop

Now, identify the end of your belt that features your rank stripes. Fold this part under the two loops around your waist, pulling tightly for secureness. This tight fold signifies the grip of BJJ on your life, a commitment that cannot be easily undone.

Step Four: The Knot

After the first loop, put the striped end of your belt under the loop you’ve just created. It then goes inside the first loop of the belt. This creates a secure knot, signifying the complexity and interconnectedness of BJJ techniques.

When you have followed these steps, your belt should be tied correctly, sitting snugly and comfortably around your waist. Not only does it hold your Gi together, but it also serves as a reminder of your dedication and progress in BJJ.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the art of tying your BJJ belt is one of the first steps in your BJJ journey. It’s a symbol of your rank, your achievements, and your dedication to this martial art. Every time you tie your belt, you’re not just preparing for a class or match but embracing the BJJ mindset.

Remember, patience is a virtue in BJJ. Learning, improving, and eventually mastering the art of tying your belt mirrors your overall BJJ journey. Stay consistent, stay committed, and keep practising!

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